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Welcome to Your Musical Atelie!

We are a musical shop in Sofia, Bulgaria, selling and repairing of new and used musical instruments and accessories.

Musical Atelie is an official dealer of the highest quality manufacturers of professional musical instruments. Buffet Crampon, Selmer, Powell, Alexander, Sonare, Loree, Vandoren, Amati, Ripamonti as well as student and hobby level instruments.

We have a large stock of new and second-hand musical instruments and are able to cater to special orders.

We can purchase, trade or restore your used musical instrument, be it wood or brass wind.


Hot News

    G - Sol clarinet Boehm system

    clemens_schnider_1 clemens_schnider_2 clemens_schnider_3 clemens_schnider_4

    Wooden G - Sol clarinet Boehm system.
    78 cm. long with mouthpiece.
    Very beautiful instrument for oriental music.
    Price : 1600 Euro brand new with guaranty.
    I have the same clarinet,but made from plastic - 800 Euro.

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  • Alto mouthpiece Selmer soloist E - short shank.

    selmersoloiste 1 selmersoloiste 2 selmersoloiste 3

    Vintage alto saxophone mouthpiece Selmer soloist E - short shank. Beautiful piece of history. One of the most popular mouthpieces of all times.Amazing condition. Not refaced. No repairs on it.Original opening - 0.78" inches. Plays like a dream.

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  • yamaha_1 yamaha_2 yamaha_3 yamaha_4
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  • Selmer 10 clarinet Bb Full Boehm like new

    slmr_10_1 slmr_10_2 slmr_10_3 slmr_10_4
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