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About Your Musical Atelie

Ivan Kolev - Musical Atelie

Musical Atelie is our centre for warranty service, repair, restoration and consultation.

It is under command of the highest qualification technician, Ivan Kolev, who is in possession of many years of international experience in the sphere.

Driven by love for the instrument, he has dedicated his life to study the history and engineering behind musical instruments, their mechanical particularities and their development. He owns a private collection of rare, antique and interesting folk and classical musical instruments.

Only the most precious and high quality materials – Luciano Pisoni, Italy - are used because to us quality cannot be compromised.

Ivan Kolev was born in Bulgaria to a family of rich musical tradition. His father, Todor Kolev, a virtuous sax player and singer was one of the first jazz musicians in Bulgaria. Ivan graduated the Classical Faculty of the Sofia Music Academy with Clarinet as a major. He was first clarinetist of Varna Philharmonic Orchestra and Sofia Wind Orchestra

Ivan Kolev is an extraordinary Bulgarian musician, influenced by a wide variety of music, and,. a clarinet virtuoso of the highest international calibre. His works are an exciting blend of classical and Bulgarian folk music with tinges of Balkan, Romanian, Yugoslav, Armenian, Turkish, Gypsy and Israeli sounds.

In the year 2000, with much love, he recorded and produced his début album,Folkmillenium.

Ivan Kolev - Folkmillenium

Folkmillenium Album