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Overhaul Clarinet -

Overhaul Piccolo -
Overhaul Flute -
Overhaul Oboe -
Overhaul Bassoon -
Overhaul Saxophone -
Standard Boehm: 250 EURO
Full Boehm: 280 EURO
Bass Clarinet: 480 EURO
250 EURO
310 EURO
330 EURO
480 EURO
Soprano, Alto, Tenor:330 EURO
Bariton Sax: 390 EURO

Fixing of a destroyed clarinet. Before and after.

fixing_clarinet_1 fixing_clarinet_2 fixing_clarinet_3 fixing_clarinet_4

Fixing of a broken trumpet. Before and after.

fixing_trumpet_1 fixing_trumpet_2 fixing_trumpet_3 fixing_trumpet_4

Fixing of a bent bocal. Before and after.

fixing_bocal_1 fixing_bocal_2 fixing_bocal_3

Fixing of a tuba. Before and after.

fixing_tuba_1 fixing_tuba_2

Fixing of a trombone. Before and after.

fixing_trombone_1 fixing_trombone_2 fixing_trombone_3 fixing_trombone_4