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TAP - ISO Clarinet Microphone


New Clarinet high technology sensor.
3 sound range with equalizer.
The favourite microphone of Alioshkata and Diyan.
Price - 142 EURO.

TAP - Black-R Clarinet and Saxophone Microphone

black-r microphone

Greek Clarinet sensor with volume control and output for small jack.
The favourite microphone of Fekata and Saleas.
Price - 102 EURO.

TAP - STA-01 Clarinet Microphone


Single small dot acoustical transducer with great sonic balance and clarity.
TAP - Greece. With supplied double stick adhesive to the reed.
For Clarinet and Saxophone.
The favourite of Boril.
Price - 45 EURO.

TAP - PAR Bouzouki Microphone


Powerful pickup with clean, natural sound.
Adjustment for every single string plus build in volume and tone controls.
Price - 149 EURO.

TAP - VDS-2 Violin Microphone


Professional maple violin bridge with two built in piezo ceramic sensors.
Both sensors produce combined sound from body and strings vibrations.
Includes output Rca jack and socket holder.
Price - 116 EURO.

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