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Selmer 10 Mazzeo Clarinet

selmer_10_mazzeo_1 selmer_10_mazzeo_2 selmer_10_mazzeo_3 selmer_10_mazzeo_4

Selmer 10 half Boehm,Mazzeo Model.
Ebony wood,Nickel plated,Mazzeo mechanics for the Bb note.
The favourite model of Diyan Filkov.

Not available in stores.

Oscar Adler Left Clarinet

Oscar Adler 1 Oscar Adler 2 Oscar Adler 3

Very rear Left Handed clarinet Oscar Adler
Albert system, Grenadille wood, old pads, but in playing condition.
Collectors item or left handed players.

Price - 750 EURO.

Patricola Clarinet

patricola_1 patricola_2

Beautiful and fancy Bb clarinet from Cocobolo wood,gold plating,3 barrels and case.
Original sound with a real Italian character.
The favourite clarinet of Bobi Yotsov - lead Bulgarian virtuoso clarinettist.

Call for price.

Buffet Crampon Plastic Clarinet

Hermes Plastic Clarinet 1 Hermes Plastic Clarinet 2

The best,cheap clarinet for beginners.
Brand new from the factory of Buffet - Paris.
Second hand at half the price.

Call for price.

A Clarinet - Selmer Albert - 3 in raw

Selmer albert 1 Selmer Albert 2 Selmer Albert 3 Selmer Albert 4

80 years old A Clarinet Selmer Albert system - 3 in raw.
Amazing - 100% original silverplated.
Comes with original old pads.
Plays like a beast. The best La clarinet I've ever heard. No cracks, no chips, no dings.
Black-red wood color.

Price - 1950 EURO.

LA Clarinet - Selmer 10S

Selmer 10S LA 1 Selmer 10S LA 2 Selmer 10S LA 3

Vintage clarinet Selmer 10S Full Boehm in A(LA)
Grenadilla, 100% originally silverplated, new pads and corks.
Like new. Plays like a dream.

Price - 1800 EURO.

Selmer BT model - Full Boehm

selmer-bt-1 selmer-bt-2 selmer-bt-3

The clarinet is fully overhauled,new pads,new corks,cleaned and oiled.
Benny Goodman's favorite model.
Great for classical,Jazz and folklore music.

Price - 1100 EURO.

Selmer 10S Full Boehm very very old

selmer-bt-1 selmer-bt-2 selmer-bt-3

The clarinet has a crack on the upper joint.
Old pads,but plays good.

Price - 300 EURO.

Clarinet Selmer Centered Tone

selmer-centered-tone-1 selmer-centered-tone-2 selmer-centered-tone-3

Clarinet selmer Centered Tone full boehm with special barrel.

Price - 1250 Leva.

Wooden A(La) clarinet Albert system - "Besson"

besson-1 besson-2 besson-3

Beautiful wooden A(La) clarinet Albert system - "Besson",London,England. The clarinet plays with beautiful sound,accurate octaves and very open Folklore and Jazz sound.

Price - 590 USD.

Orsi clarinet

orsi-1 orsi-2 orsi-3 orsi-4

Brand new G(Sol)clarinet Boehm system "Orsi",Milano,Italy
Grenadilla wood,silver plating,3 pads in a row.
The best on the market.
Special for Gypsy and Turkish music.

Metal sol(G) clarinet - Boehm system.

metal-1 metal-2 metal-3

The clarinet is transformed from German to French Boehm system.
Nickel plated,leather pads,hinge for microphone.
Clarinet comes with special cover.

G - Sol clarinet Boehm system

clemens_schnider_1 clemens_schnider_2 clemens_schnider_3 clemens_schnider_4

Wooden G - Sol clarinet Boehm system.
78 cm. long with mouthpiece.
Very beautiful instrument for oriental music.
Price : 1600 Euro brand new with guaranty.
I have the same clarinet,but made from plastic - 800 Euro.