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Selmer 10 Mazzeo Clarinet

selmer_10_mazzeo_1 selmer_10_mazzeo_2 selmer_10_mazzeo_3 selmer_10_mazzeo_4

Selmer 10 half Boehm,Mazzeo Model.
Ebony wood,Nickel plated,Mazzeo mechanics for the Bb note.
The favourite model of Diyan Filkov.

Not available in stores.

Oscar Adler Left Clarinet

Oscar Adler 1 Oscar Adler 2 Oscar Adler 3

Very rear Left Handed clarinet Oscar Adler
Albert system, Grenadille wood, old pads, but in playing condition.
Collectors item or left handed players.

Price - 750 EURO.

Patricola Clarinet

patricola_1 patricola_2

Beautiful and fancy Bb clarinet from Cocobolo wood,gold plating,3 barrels and case.
Original sound with a real Italian character.
The favourite clarinet of Bobi Yotsov - lead Bulgarian virtuoso clarinettist.

Call for price.

Buffet Crampon Plastic Clarinet

Hermes Plastic Clarinet 1 Hermes Plastic Clarinet 2

The best,cheap clarinet for beginners.
Brand new from the factory of Buffet - Paris.
Second hand at half the price.

Call for price.

A Clarinet - Selmer Albert - 3 in raw

Selmer albert 1 Selmer Albert 2 Selmer Albert 3 Selmer Albert 4

80 years old A Clarinet Selmer Albert system - 3 in raw.
Amazing - 100% original silverplated.
Comes with original old pads.
Plays like a beast. The best La clarinet I've ever heard. No cracks, no chips, no dings.
Black-red wood color.

Price - 1950 EURO.

LA Clarinet - Selmer 10S

Selmer 10S LA 1 Selmer 10S LA 2 Selmer 10S LA 3

Vintage clarinet Selmer 10S Full Boehm in A(LA)
Grenadilla, 100% originally silverplated, new pads and corks.
Like new. Plays like a dream.

Price - 1800 EURO.

Selmer BT model - Full Boehm

selmer-bt-1 selmer-bt-2 selmer-bt-3

The clarinet is fully overhauled,new pads,new corks,cleaned and oiled.
Benny Goodman's favorite model.
Great for classical,Jazz and folklore music.

Price - 1100 EURO.

Selmer 10S Full Boehm very very old

selmer-bt-1 selmer-bt-2 selmer-bt-3

The clarinet has a crack on the upper joint.
Old pads,but plays good.

Price - 300 EURO.

Clarinet Selmer Centered Tone

selmer-centered-tone-1 selmer-centered-tone-2 selmer-centered-tone-3

Clarinet selmer Centered Tone full boehm with special barrel.

Price - 1250 Leva.

Wooden A(La) clarinet Albert system - "Besson"

besson-1 besson-2 besson-3

Beautiful wooden A(La) clarinet Albert system - "Besson",London,England. The clarinet plays with beautiful sound,accurate octaves and very open Folklore and Jazz sound.

Price - 590 USD.

Orsi clarinet

orsi-1 orsi-2 orsi-3 orsi-4

Brand new G(Sol)clarinet Boehm system "Orsi",Milano,Italy
Grenadilla wood,silver plating,3 pads in a row.
The best on the market.
Special for Gypsy and Turkish music.

Metal sol(G) clarinet - Boehm system.

metal-1 metal-2 metal-3

The clarinet is transformed from German to French Boehm system.
Nickel plated,leather pads,hinge for microphone.
Clarinet comes with special cover.

G - Sol clarinet Boehm system

clemens_schnider_1 clemens_schnider_2 clemens_schnider_3 clemens_schnider_4

Wooden G - Sol clarinet Boehm system.
78 cm. long with mouthpiece.
Very beautiful instrument for oriental music.
Price : 1600 Euro brand new with guaranty.
I have the same clarinet,but made from plastic - 800 Euro.

Sol clarinet, wooden - old system "Clemens Schnider"

Wooden G Clemens Schnider 4 rings Wooden G Clemens Schnider 4 rings Wooden G Clemens Schnider 4 rings Wooden G Clemens Schnider 4 rings Wooden G Clemens Schnider 4 rings

Selling brand new German clarinet "Clemens Schnider".
Old system, 4 rings.
Two barrels - guaranty 1 year.
Telephone: 0898 75 74 75 (from 10:00 to 16:00 Ivan).
Price - 800 Euro.

Wooden clarinet Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb - vintage

Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb Buffet Crampon E11 in Bb

Up for auction is a vintage clarinet Buffet Crampon E11 in key of Bb.
Wooden clarinet in perfect condition - no scratches,no dings,no chips.
Fixed crack on the bell - see pictures.
Serial number is : 267360. Overall length with mouthpiece is 71 cm.

Nickel plated keys 100% intact.
New pads, new corks, cleaned and oiled. Fully overhauled.
The clarinet is ready to play, with a very warn and soft sound and very accurate octaves.
A=442 Hz.

Comes with new not original case without mouthpiece, ligature and cap.

Set of clarinets Full Boehm A + Bb Selmer Paris 9*

Some clarinet Some clarinet Some clarinet Some clarinet

Set of clarinets Full Boehm A + Bb Selmer Paris 9*.
The Bb is fully refurbished, new leather pads, corks. Cleaned and oiled.
100% Nickel plated. No cracks, no dings, no chips.
The A clarinet is in fair condition. Old pads.
Both clarinets are very sounding, with an original Selmer sound.
I sell them separately as well. The A clarinet goes with a double case.