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Selmer 10 clarinet Bb Full Boehm like new

slmr_10_1 slmr_10_2 slmr_10_3 slmr_10_4

  Like new super professional clarinet in Bb - Selmer 10 Paris Full Boehm.
2 barrels,original mouthpiece,original case.
New pads,new corks,plays like a dream.

 Incredible price - 1199 Euro.

Selmer Signature in A(La) brand new clarinet

selmer_signature1 selmer_signature2 selmer_signature3 selmer_signature4

  Brand new super professional clarinet in A - Selmer Paris Signature model.


Amati 640S G(Sol) Clarinet German System

amati_g(sol)_clarinet_german_system amati_g(sol)_clarinet_german_system amati_g(sol)_clarinet_german_system

  Brand new,Ebony wood,Silver plated with 1 year Warranty.

Price - 1500 Euro.

Buffet Crampon R13 New

buffet_crampon_r13_1 buffet_crampon_r13_2 buffet_crampon_r13_3

  Brand new clarinet from the factory in Paris.Custom made,Ebony wood,Silver plated with
1 year Warranty.

Call for price.

Buffet Crampon R13 set A+B Clarinets

buffet_crampon_r13_1 buffet_crampon_r13_2

  The best set in the world.Custom made,with engraved names.

Not for sale.

Selmer 9

selmer_9_1 selmer_9_2 selmer_9_3

  Clarinet is in fair condition Selmer 9 Paris - Full Boehm.
Cracks in the wood of upper joint.80% Silver plated,Plays very well.

Price - 740 Euro.

Selmer 10

selmer_10_1 selmer_10_2 selmer_10_3 selmer_10_4

  Clarinet Selmer 10 Full Boehm-like new.
Nickel plated,original case.